Spectra S1 USA Double/Single Breast Pump

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0/5 on February 7, 2017

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Spectra S1 USA Double/Single Breast Pump is probably one of if not they best pump on the market today.  It is one of the more expensive models out there, the money you spend is totally worth it.

Whisper Quiet

The Spectra S1 is very quiet. It’s the perfect pumping solution for mothers who want to pump at work and want to stay discrete.  The whispering sound created is much more soothing than the louder motor sound normally associated with other pumps.  The only thing quieter would be a manual pump.

Easy To Use

Setting up the Spectra S1 is very easy and intuitive.  Connecting everything can be done easily in a few simple steps. Its great if you have to pump on the go with minimal issues. Working with the buttons is easy to under stand and very straight forward.  There is a “cycle” side with a plus and minus button, and a “vacuum” side with a plus and minus button.  The power button is in the centre and the display is easy to read.


The Spectra S1 scored really well with us for portability. If you opt for the carrying bag ( which is great for other things as well), moving around and pumping on the go is very easy.


Spectra S1 USA final verdict

Even though it’s on the more expensive side, the Spectra S1 is totally worth the money. It’s easy to use, very quiet and looks great. If you  are planning on doing a lot of pumping at home and on the go, you will not be disappointed with this pump.


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