Finding the perfect breast pump


My breast pump experience

Before I had my daughter, I knew I wanted to try pumping breastmilk so I would have a backup method of feeding her “just in case”. I was planning on being in my cousin’s wedding party when my daughter would be a week old and this added to my desire to have a little reserved milk for the big day (although I didn’t end up needing it since my little one nursed and slept at all the right times that day!). After I had my daughter, I developed a slight paranoia that something would happen to me and there would be no breastmilk for her to eat (I was convinced that I would be in a car crash or develop a hospitalizing illness or that my milk would completely dry up if my daughter slept longer than three hours and I didn’t pump in that time). I am happy to say that nothing terrible happened to me in the wee weeks of my baby’s life, but I sure am happy that I still pumped and put myself at ease.

I would breast pump every chance I got, and I still do! My sweet little girl started sleeping through the night at two weeks (her first full night was the night we went to that wedding!) Just because she slept, didn’t mean I did! I was still in “wake-up-every-three-hours mode” so I used my early morning me-time to pump. Choosing a breast pump can be tricky so I’ve reviewed my favourites for you. It’s worth getting one that you love so your breast pumping experience can be a positive one.

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